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David Brickley and Brett Regan are co-owners of STN Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency out of San Diego, CA. David and Brett discuss their findings, industry insight and what they have learned as both business owners and entrepreneurs each and every show.
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Jun 7, 2018

Grayson Lafrenz is the CEO of Power Digital Marketing, an online internet marketing agency that helps businesses scale and drive revenue through digital marketing. Over the past 5 years, he has grown the company from a team of 3 to a team of 50+.

Power Digital has been named San Diego’s Healthiest Company, Fastest Growing, Top Places to work and mentioned on the Inc 500 Companies & Best Places to Work.

On this episode of the Entrepreneur Wrap, Grayson walks us through his entrepreneurial journey and shares how he's been able to rapidly grow his company. Here are some of the talking points:

  • What was your first entrepreneurial hustle as a kid?
  • What did you think of your higher education experience?
  • Tell me more about Power Digital
  • Learning From Failures:
    • What was one of the most challenging times in your business? How did you overcome?
    • What was one of your biggest mistakes that you made in business?
  • Rapid Fire:
    • What time do you wake up?
    • Workout routine?
    • How do you manage stress?
    • Who inspires you in business?
    • Favorite quote?
    • What business tools have been the most instrumental to your success?
    • Work-life balance? Best advice, how do you deal with it?
    • What does it mean to you to be an Entrepreneur? 
    • Best piece of advice you've received?
    • What book would you recommend to other entrepreneurs?
    • Excluding yours, what company or business do you admire the most? What are they doing that you want to mimic?
    • Whats the end-goal for your career or business?


Apr 9, 2018

Johnathan Grzybowski is the co-founder of Penji, a company that provides unlimited custom design services at a flat monthly rate.  He's also the founder & host of The Blind Entrepreneur podcast where he interviews the top entrepreneurs across the globe to pick their minds and day-to-day.

On this episode, Johnathan walks us through his entrepreneurial journey and provides valuable insight on what to do and most importantly what not to do. 

Feb 15, 2018

Rob Dube is the President of Image One, ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 25 Small Giants in America 2017.

Rob also serves as a Forbes columnist, and is an author of the new book "Do Nothing" - A leaders guide to doing nothing.

Rob breaks down the importance of meditation (a practice that successful entrepreneurs, executives, and world-class athletes have in common).